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Back to her hiding her suspension from my mother, it was the 2nd or 3rd day of theĀ  suspension when everything came down. I came home to a dark house and sad & mournful eyes. Because my mom was informed of pictures on my sister's twitter or facebook or whatever from just a day or two before of her (and her friend-who also got suspended) rolling and smoking a blunt. Yes, marijuana..wise choice for someone who's made such great decisions in the past few days. So My mother was in shock of the weed and then out has to come the suspension.
It's just been too much with her and when I started the original blog about her she started up again with a whole new thing. She woke up early, walked about a mile and a half and stole our older brother's car. Her and 2 of her friends went joy-riding and checked into school 75 minutes before it was over!
My mom has already made plans for her to go to an private all-girls Catholic School . . .in Mexico.
I can't argue with her and say thats extreme. She's tried everything. I guess the only thing left is to take away her family.
I'd never want that for her, but for her not the turn out dead or pregnant or on the street..she needs an education. I love her so much, but I'm on my way out too..
My mood: very drained

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