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I haven't been in the best of moods lately, I've reverted to my early high-school taste in music. Which means I'm kind of crabby and a little sad. The only few people who would make me feel better didn't really make me feel better but just understood why I felt the way I did. god, I just had one of those deep teenage huffs. i haven't sighed like that in a while, I'm just a wuss. I need to talk to DJ but he hates me because I didn't like him enough until I was already taken. Why would that even make any sense? I hate teenage hearts, that is one of the big reasons why the music industry is booming...bleeding-aching-broken teenage hearts. Just wanting.
My brother on the other hand, is loving that I'm listening to this music. Its bringing back some good memories for him. When he was young and carefree. No girlfriend, no kids, no bills, just his friends and art. I try not to cry and worry about him but he really just gave up. His only outlets now are video games and pot, I wish it weren't true, really cause I hate that he's one of those people that think it's okay to be baked 70% of the time. ugh. 
And I'm helping my 16 yr old sister get her driving smoothed out. She's great at parking, I'm such a freak when she drives. I thought I wouldn't be but I totally am -____-
More on that later, my friends want to know "whats wrong?"

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